President Obama Losing Support from his Own

By:  Bob Adelmann
President Obama Losing Support from his Own

President Obama is losing the support of his liberal and most ardent supporters.

As President Obama’s poll numbers continue to drop, even his most ardent supporters are getting weary, according to the New York Times. Unhappiness over the president’s position on issues such as the National Security Agency’s surveillance policies, the “red line” controversy over Syria with its threatened military intervention, and the White House support for Larry Summers for Chairman of the Fed which ended abruptly over the weekend have combined to weaken his support even in his liberal base.

A leading curmudgeon, Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who usually votes with Democrats, said that he and other independents are increasingly unlikely to follow wherever the president leads:

I think you’re going to see more independents say, ‘Mr. President, we look forward to working with you, but we’re not simply going to accept your leadership ... we’re not going to follow you. You’re going to have to work with us.’

One measure of support, or lack thereof, is how closely Democrats hew to the White House line. House Democrats voted with Obama 90 percent of the time in 2009 but just 77 percent of the time in 2012. And of course that doesn't reflect the president’s current troubles in Syria or with Summers.

Public-opinion polls also reflect his weakening support, where his present approval rating by the Times has dropped to 46 percent compared to 58 percent for Clinton and 62 percent for Reagan at the same point in their administrations.

Ironically, on the very day that the Times article appeared, Glenn Beck called for the impeachment of the president:

I personally am calling to impeach the President of the United States. This is impeachable. He is arming known terrorists [in Syria]....

We did not get into bed with Hitler to defeat Japan.

Impeachment was one issue often raised at town hall meetings during Congress’ summer recess.

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Photo of President Barack Obama: AP Images

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