Rand Paul Commits to Tie Yellen Nomination to Audit the Fed Bill

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
Rand Paul Commits to Tie Yellen Nomination to Audit the Fed Bill

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) informed Senate leadership that intends to oppose President Obama’s nomination of Janet Yellen to be the next chairman of the Federal Reserve, and he plans to use the process to draw attention to his efforts to audit the country's central bank and the cartel that controls it.

In an email sent to supporters of Campaign for Liberty, the organization founded and led by his father, former congressman Ron Paul, Rand said in a video message: “As part of Senate consideration of the Janet Yellen nomination to be Chair of the Federal Reserve, I will request a vote on my bipartisan Federal Reserve Transparency Act, S. 209. The American people deserve transparency from the federal reserve and the federal government as a whole," as reported in a story posted by CNBC.

An source inside the office of Senator Paul told The New American that Paul had not settled on a tactic.

What is known, however, is that the Establishment members of both major political party cannot be counted on to support Paul’s effort to expose the tyranny of fiat money and the Fed’s role in dramatically devaluing the dollar.

As reported in the Wall Street Journal weekend edition:

It’s unclear how many Republicans might oppose Ms. Yellen. While many GOP senators have criticized the Fed’s bond-buying programs and many are expected to vote against her, some have indicated they could potentially support her.

Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) said earlier this month she wouldn’t make a decision until Ms. Yellen’s hearings, but said she was “favorably disposed toward her.”

Senator Mike Johanns (R-Neb.), a member of the banking committee, said earlier this month that he was “absolutely open to the possibility I’ll support her.”

Procedurally, Paul would have a difficult time serving as anything more than a speed bump in the road to Yellen’s confirmation. He can do nothing until the vote comes before the full body of the Senate and any maneuver he attempted to stall the vote could be overcome by 60 votes. That tally wouldn’t be hard to come by considering the size of the Democratic caucus (54 votes) and the number of Republicans willing to violate their oaths of office.

Senator Paul is not the sort to be dissuaded by being outnumbered in a confirmation battle, however.

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Photo of Sen. Rand Paul: AP Images

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