Rebel Atrocities in Syria Escalate, Sparking Alarm Over Obama Plan

By:  Alex Newman
Rebel Atrocities in Syria Escalate, Sparking Alarm Over Obama Plan

A series of fresh revelations about atrocities and war crimes perpetrated by Western-backed Syrian “rebels” have sparked alarm among analysts, further complicating Obama’s already-tough push for support to launch military strikes against the Assad regime. 

As opposition to U.S. military intervention in Syria grows among the public, Congress, and the so-called “international community,” the latest atrocities are being cited by critics of the warmongering as more reasons not to join the civil war on behalf of ruthless jihadists — more than a few of whom are openly fighting with al-Qaeda to take down the secular regime.   

One of the most shocking revelations in recent days was video footage of rebels brazenly perpetrating war crimes and murder. The film, smuggled out of Syria by a former opposition fighter disillusioned with rebel brutality, promptly made waves around the world. Also sparking alarm was news that al-Qaeda-linked opposition forces had seized control of an ancient Christian town. The “rebels” reportedly burned down and looted churches while killing and terrorizing local Christians, ordering them to convert to Islam or die, following a long pattern of atrocities aimed at Christians.

Separately, pictures posted on Facebook feature the rebels sporting black al-Qaeda flags and heavy weaponry — much of it probably provided with U.S. assistance. Analysts said the troubling images offer more insight into the jihadist opposition and its long-term aims.   

The War-crimes Video

Last week, the New York Times obtained a video — a still photo of which appeared across the front page of the newspaper — showing Syrian rebels executing bound and brutalized prisoners. By any standard, the cold-blooded executions represent a clear example of a war crime. “We swear to the Lord of the Throne, that this is our oath: We will take revenge,” the rebel commander, apparently known as “the Uncle,” says before the seven captured Syrian soldiers are shot through the head and placed in a mass grave. After an edited version of the video footage was posted by the Times last week, it promptly went “viral,” sickening conservatives and liberals alike.

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Photo of Senator John McCain with Syrian rebels: AP Images

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