Rep. Yoho Offers Bill Revoking CIA Control of Armed Drones

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
Rep. Yoho Offers Bill Revoking CIA Control of Armed Drones

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is using armed drones to search out and kill people considered enemies of the United States.

This operation is being carried out without any congressional oversight — but one congressman plans to do something about that.

Representative Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) has introduced the Drone Reform Act (H.R. 5091). The bill is aimed at returning authority for the deadly unmanned aerial devices to the Pentagon.

“The thing that prompted the legislation is our broken foreign policy,” Yoho told The New American in a phone interview. Yoho compared Obama administration foreign policy to Captain Jack Sparrow (in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series) “walking around with a broken compass."

“Our allies overseas have no idea what we stand for anymore. The good will and good deeds of this country have been washed away by our foreign policy,” Yoho added.

One of the principal problems with the U.S. approach to foreign policy is the assumption by the CIA of the power to target and kill alleged enemies without any accountability to Congress or the Pentagon. Representative Yoho’s bill would require that all armed drones be placed under the control of the Pentagon. “That way there is more accountability and our foreign policy will be tightened up,” Yoho told The New American.

There is no doubt that the Obama administration’s dedication to death by remote control is an affront to the sovereignty of Pakistan, as well as the other nations whose skies are buzzing with drones. While such a policy is unsupported by the Constitution specifically or by principles of liberty generally, the number of people being killed without being given an opportunity to answer the charges made against them is inimical to the concept of due process, as well. America is making enemies overseas by making herself an enemy to the Constitution.

Sadly, the tally of those killed by American missiles launched from unmanned aerial vehicles under the control of the CIA is growing.

Additional details of the CIA’s drone war were revealed in a report filed a few years ago by the Pakistan-based Conflict Monitoring Center. The report offers evidence of the many people who were killed by American drones with no more than a suspicion of being linked to militant groups.

According to an analysis of the report by Global Research, in 2010:

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