Ron Paul Announces “Phase 2 of the Revolution”: a New Homeschooling Program

By:  Michael Tennant
Ron Paul Announces “Phase 2 of the Revolution”: a New Homeschooling Program

Former Rep. Ron Paul recently announced the Ron Paul Curriculum, a new homeschooling program designed to turn out future generations of liberty-minded activists and entrepreneurs.

“Liberty just took a huge step forward,” declared Thomas E. Woods, Jr., in announcing the launch of the Ron Paul Curriculum. Having retired from Congress, the former Republican representative from Texas and three-time presidential candidate is setting his sights on creating future generations of liberty-minded activists and entrepreneurs through his new homeschooling program.

“I believe homeschooling is the wave of the future,” Paul wrote on April 6, the day the program’s website became active.

He clearly intends to ride that wave. The same day as his curriculum was announced, he spoke to the MidWest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has a forthcoming book on the subject as well.

In a video introducing the program, Dr. Gary North, director of curriculum development, said that the Ron Paul Curriculum will “teach the biblical principle of self-government and personal responsibility, which is also the foundation of the free-market economy”; be “based on a detailed study of the history of liberty as well as liberty’s rivals”; “provide a thorough understanding of Austrian-school economics”; and be “academically rigorous.”

According to the website, although only grades six through 10 will be offered in September, by 2015 all grades, including kindergarten, are expected to be available through the site. Kindergarten through fifth grade will be completely free. The remaining grades will cost $250 plus $50 for each course, and there is a 100-percent money-back guarantee for those who are dissatisfied. Parents are invited to listen to the same lectures their children are hearing at no additional cost.

The curriculum does not use textbooks, instead relying on video lessons and other readings, often from primary sources. Students who need help may, besides asking their parents, seek assistance from other students on the forums.

“This is how ‘the little red schoolhouse on the prairie’ was taught up until World War I,” North explained on the website. “The older, brighter students helped teach the younger ones. This system worked. Then it was scrapped. This site resurrects it.”

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