“Science Guy” Inadvertently Boosts Creation Museum's Noah's Ark

By:  Dave Bohon
“Science Guy” Inadvertently Boosts Creation Museum's Noah's Ark

Bill Nye the secularist "Science Guy" may be partly responsible for breathing life into a biblical creationist project of which he is highly critical.

Noah's famous biblical Ark is making for a hot commodity nowadays, thanks in no small measure to actor Russell Crowe and Bill Nye the “Science Guy.” Crowe, of course, is the star of an upcoming, controversial Hollywood rendering of the Genesis account of the epic flood and the large boat God commissioned Noah to build to save his family.

As for Nye, the former kids' show host served as a savior of sorts for famed creationist Ken Ham's plan to build a huge, 510-foot replica of Noah's Ark on the grounds of his Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. The Associated Press reported that in 2010 Ham's group, Answers in Genesis, unveiled a plan for a $150-million theme park at the site of the museum, including an exhibit called the Ark Encounter that was to feature a larger-than-life replica of the biblical boat. “But private donations to the project did not keep pace with the construction timeline, forcing its backers to delay the ark's construction,” reported AP.

The project appeared to be in danger until Bill Nye arrived on the scene, appearing February 4 at a highly publicized debate with Ham, during which he defended the theory of evolution while Ham argued for the account of creation as written in Genesis. While the live audience at the debate numbered a mere 800, reported The New American, an estimated three to seven million individuals from around the world viewed the debate online.

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