Secularists Are Denying Schooling to Christians

By:  Selwyn Duke
Secularists Are Denying Schooling to Christians

Being a Christian school — or a Christian applying for school — sometimes means being denied access to the educational process. Are we heading for a time when Christians need not apply?

Imagine you apply for a college program, only to be denied entry because you believe in God. And the kicker is how school administrators knew about your faith.

They asked.

This is precisely what happened to Brandon Jenkins when he applied for the Radiation Therapy Program at the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) in Maryland. And now he’s suing in federal court for religious discrimination. Writes

Not long after Jenkins initially applied to CCBC's program as a very strong candidate, he was told by a faculty member that the "field [of radiation therapy] is not the place for religion."

But why — especially after scoring the maximum amount of points possible during his observation and meeting all the standards?

Jenkins later found that his response to a question asked by college officials during the interview process was the culprit. When asked, "What is the most important thing to you?" the Christian candidate simply replied: "My God."

What makes this case unusual — and places the school in what should be a legally untenable position, as it receives taxpayer funding — is that program director Adrienne Dougherty actually put the discriminatory motivation in writing, expressing in an e-mail:

I understand that religion is a major part of your life and that was evident in your recommendation letters, [sic] however, this field is not the place for religion. We have many patients who come to us for treatment from many different religions and some who believe in nothing at all. If you interview in the future, you may want to leave your thoughts and beliefs out of the interview process.

Such frankness “astonished” David French, an attorney with the American Center for Law and Justice, who is representing Jenkins in his lawsuit. Fox News’ Todd Starnes reports that French told him in a telephone conversation, “While colleges routinely discriminate against Christians, rarely do they state their discrimination so explicitly.”

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