Sen. Chris Murphy Claims UN Arms Trade Treaty Doesn't Affect 2nd Amendment

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
Sen. Chris Murphy Claims UN Arms Trade Treaty Doesn't Affect 2nd Amendment

Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) calls on the Senate to ratify the ATT, claiming the UN gun grab does nothing to affect the right to keep and bear arms.

In an op-ed published in Roll Call on July 20, Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.; shown in photo) called for the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty to be sent to the Senate for ratification.

“Representatives from countries all over the world, including the United States, voted at the United Nations in April to do just that — create an international treaty to establish basic rules and procedures governing the cross-border flow of weapons and to close the loopholes that allow irresponsible arms brokers to operate outside the international regulatory system,” Murphy wrote. “Now the treaty has to be signed by President Barack Obama and ratified by the U.S. Senate,” he added.

Parroting the party line of the global disarmament claque, Murphy claims: “The goal of the Arms Trade Treaty is to prevent weapons from reaching the hands of warlords and human rights abusers; it does not interfere one bit with domestic arms sales or legitimate international trade.”

Later in his letter, Murphy insists that the ATT “does nothing to affect Americans’ right to bear arms” and that is sole aim is to only control “the export and import of weapons from one nation to another.”

Murphy is wrong. There is much in the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty directly interferes with domestic gun sales, as well as with the entire philosophy behind the Second Amendment’s protection of the right to keep and bear arms.

As we have reported, several provisions of this treaty significantly diminish the scope of the right to keep and bear arms.

First, the Arms Trade Treaty grants a monopoly over all weaponry in the hands of the very entity (approved regimes) responsible for over 300 million murders in the 20th century.

Furthermore, the treaty leaves private citizens powerless to oppose future slaughters.

An irrefutable fact of armed violence unaddressed by the UN in its gun grab is that all the murders committed by all the serial killers in history don't amount to a fraction of the brutal killings committed by "authorized state parties" using the very weapons over which they will exercise absolute control under the terms of the Arms Trade Treaty.

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Photo of Sen. Chris Murphy: AP Images

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