Sen. Rand Paul to Introduce Fourth Amendment Restoration Act

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
Sen. Rand Paul to Introduce Fourth Amendment Restoration Act

Sen. Rand Paul will introduce a bill aiming to guarantee that Fourth Amendment protections are not violated by any government entity.

His attendance at Mitt Romney’s Rocky Mountain confab hasn't kept Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) from working to protect the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the nation from the federal government’s constant assault on liberty.

On Thursday, June 6, Paul (shown in photo) announced he would introduce the Fourth Amendment Restoration Act of 2013. The measure aims to guarantee that the constitutional protections of the Fourth Amendment are not violated by any government entity.

"The revelation that the NSA has secretly seized the call records of millions of Americans, without probable cause, represents an outrageous abuse of power and a violation of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. I have long argued that Congress must do more to restrict the Executive's expansive law enforcement powers to seize private records of law-abiding Americans that are held by a third-party," Paul said in a statement published on his website.

"When the Senate rushed through a last-minute extension of the FISA Amendments Act late last year, I insisted on a vote on my amendment (SA 3436) to require stronger protections on business records and prohibiting the kind of data-mining this case has revealed. Just last month, I introduced S.1037, the Fourth Amendment Preservation and Protection Act, which would provide exactly the kind of protections that, if enacted, could have prevented these abuses and stopped these increasingly frequent violations of every American's constitutional rights.”

Paul’s bill is very timely in light of this week’s revelation that Verizon — one of the nation’s largest telecommunication companies — has been ordered to turn over customer call information to the National Security Agency.

As The New American reported yesterday, a court order labeled “TOP SECRET,” issued by federal judge Roger Vinson, ordered Verizon to turn over the phone records of millions of its U.S. customers to the National Security Agency (NSA).

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