Senate Dems Quietly Revive Radical UN Disabilities Treaty

By:  Alex Newman
Senate Dems Quietly Revive Radical UN Disabilities Treaty

Senate Democrats are reviving the radical UN Disabilities Treaty to grant oversight of U.S. policies on disabled Americans to an unelected global group of "experts." 

After being defeated in 2012, Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee quietly announced that they would be holding yet another vote on ratification for the widely criticized United Nations “Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities.” The radical planetary agreement, known as UN CRPD for short, purports to grant oversight of U.S. policies on disabled Americans to an unelected global “committee” of self-styled “experts.” While the latest bid to ratify the scheme has flown largely under the media radar so far, the opposition is once again gearing up for a fight to stop it.

Opponents across the political spectrum have been warning for years that the treaty represents a major attack on U.S. national sovereignty, parental rights, self-government, and more. All of it is being done under the supposed guise of protecting people with disabilities in the United States, who already have among the most robust protections on the planet. Claims that U.S. ratification would “encourage” other governments to protect the disabled are largely dismissed as baseless propaganda. Another concern among critics is that there is no definition of “disability” in the scheme, potentially allowing UN bureaucrats and dictatorial member regimes to run wild.

The plot to internationalize disabilities law at the UN level was first approved by the dictator-dominated global outfit’s General Assembly in 2006. President Obama, having apparently never met a UN power grab he did not support, signed on to the CRPD regime in 2009 and sent it to the Senate for ratification in late 2012. Due primarily to a grassroots uprising among pro-life activists, home educators, disabilities advocates, and more, a coalition of GOP senators was able to block the agreement, which requires a two-thirds majority for ratification. However, after the scheme was defeated by a six-vote margin, extreme pro-UN Democrats vowed that the fight was not over yet.

Since that failure, there have been several quiet efforts to revive the UN scheme, which critics blast as a “dangerous” and “unnecessary” treaty threatening the United States. It did not come to a vote again, however, until now. In a quiet announcement posted on its website, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, currently chaired by embattled Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), said the body would take up the treaty again on Tuesday, July 22, at 10:00 a.m. The upcoming committee vote has received virtually no press coverage — likely for a good reason.

Last time the scheme was considered by the Senate, a tsunami of opposition rose up and flooded the Senate with phone calls and e-mails demanding that the UN plot be rejected. This time, with the sneak attack proceeding under the public’s proverbial nose, the grassroots army that killed the UN CRPD has not yet risen up in full force. Still, some elements of the opposition are already gearing up to do battle once again.

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