South Carolina Rejects Common Core

By:  Alex Newman
South Carolina Rejects Common Core

South Carolina has become the second state to officially dump the Obama administration-pushed national education standards known as Common Core, which have sparked an unprecedented uprising among teachers and parents that transcends traditional political divides and partisanship.

Republican Governor Nikki Haley, a vocal critic of the controversial education plot, signed the legislation last week and is already receiving widespread praise for the move. Still, some opponents of Common Core are warning that the battle in South Carolina is not finished yet.

While officials in some states have attempted to deceive voters by simply re-branding Common Core, the South Carolina law includes a mechanism apparently aimed at preventing such deception. Among other actions, the new law prohibits participation in the Common Core-aligned federally funded national testing regime being rolled out across America — a crucial component of the agenda. It also mandates legislative approval for any and all school standards created outside of South Carolina.

Supporters of the bill said that provision should help prevent bureaucrats from simply copying and pasting the dubious national scheme and giving it a new name — a scam that has Indiana activists up in arms after the “new” post-Common Core standards in the state turned out to be largely the same ones pushed by Obama, Big Business, and Bill Gates. However, activists in South Carolina warned that Common Core might not actually be dead in the state just yet.  

Under the recently adopted law in South Carolina, for example, the state education department must create new standards that are so-called “college and career ready” — a contradictory and perhaps even oxymoronic term employed by the Obama administration in deciding which states would be showered with unconstitutional bribes funded by U.S. taxpayers. Originally, the only state governments to obtain the lawless Obama funding were the ones that adopted Common Core and the accompanying student data-mining regime.

Analyst Dillon Jones with the anti-Common Core South Carolina Policy Center told the Daily Caller that his organization was hoping for a stronger law to guarantee the demise of what many critics now call “ObamaCore.” The new law is “better than the status quo” because it at least offers an opportunity to kill Common Core, but parents, teachers, and taxpayers must remain vigilant, he explained. Common Core will also remain in place until the new standards are ready and approved next year.  

“Until states stop taking the federal money, they’re going to do what the federal government wants them to do,” Jones continued, adding that state educators and officials may be reluctant to risk the Obama administration’s bribe funding by refusing to comply with unconstitutional federal decrees on education. “They might adopt new standards, and they might not call it Common Core, but it’s still Common Core.”

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