Sting Exposes Potential Crimes by ObamaCare Operatives

By:  Alex Newman
Sting Exposes Potential Crimes by ObamaCare Operatives

An operative with “Enroll America,” an outfit linked to the Obama administration, was exposed admitting what sounded like a potential conspiracy — unlawful use of private data collected under ObamaCare for political purposes.

After catching multiple so-called ObamaCare “navigators” on camera urging people to lie on federal forms, Project Veritas released another video exposing more fraud and lawlessness surrounding the healthcare takeover aimed at surreptitiously advancing Big Government. This time, among other scandals, a senior operative with “Enroll America,” an outfit linked to the Obama administration and funded by insurance firms bullied by the White House, was exposed admitting what sounded to analysts like a potential conspiracy — unlawfully using the private data collected under the new healthcare scheme for pro-Democrat political purposes. Complaints have already been filed with the IRS and the Attorney General of Texas.

Of course, as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is supposed to “help” Americans sign up for ObamaCare and promote the deeply controversial boondoggle, Enroll America is obligated by law to remain strictly non-partisan and non-political. However, the outfit has already come under fire for its intimate links to the Obama administration — and especially Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who has been pressuring healthcare-related companies to fund the controversial multi-million dollar "Get Covered America" campaign run by Enroll America. Republicans in Congress have even suggested that the White House’s efforts on behalf of the organization may have violated federal law and ethics rules — charges which the administration denies.

Now, however, critics have even more ammunition to target the Obama-linked outfit, which aims to get people signed up under ObamaCare. In the latest Project Veritas video, Enroll America Texas Communications Director Chris Tarango was caught on camera apparently conspiring to unlawfully use supposedly private data from potential ObamaCare enrollees to help turn the Lone Star State into a Democrat stronghold. “This conversation never happened,” he explains. While the tape is rolling, Tarango also boasts that he will do “whatever it f****** takes.” The goal, of course, is to support the administration and its disastrous ObamaCare campaign while getting “progressives” into positions of power.

“We’re all Obama people,” the Enroll America communications chief for Texas admits on video, referring to his outfit, the Obama front group “Organizing for Action” that emerged from the president’s political campaign, and another Obama-linked organization known as Battleground Texas dedicated to turning the state blue. “So then, after the campaign ended, we all went in three different directions,” he said. “These three organizations, they’re all grassroots oriented, they all operate the exact same way, but they’re all Obama 2012 people.” All of them are working on the same model, too, Tarango added.

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