Surgery Center of Oklahoma Leads the Way in Healthcare (Videos)

By:  William F. Jasper
Surgery Center of Oklahoma Leads the Way in Healthcare (Videos)

Physician-entrepreneurs prove that the free market can deliver top-quality healthcare at a fraction of the cost of our current government-corporate cartel model.

The Surgery Center of Oklahoma may be the beacon of hope that millions of Americans have been searching for in the overwhelming darkness and seemingly unsolvable problems of our present healthcare crisis. For 17 years, the surgeons at this private, state-of-the-art facility have been performing surgeries for one-half, one-fourth, or even as little as one-tenth of the cost of the prices patients are paying for the same surgeries at hospitals across town, and across the country from the Surgery Center.

They provide top-notch healthcare at a fraction of the cost elsewhere, with high patient satisfaction and virtually zero infection rate. With these positives, its understandable that patients are coming to the Surgery Center of Oklahoma from all 50 states of the United States and from all parts of the world.

In order to learn more about the innovative business and healthcare delivery model of this unique facility, this writer journeyed to Oklahoma City to meet with and interview the co-founders of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, Drs. Keith Smith and Steven Lantier, and tour their Center. 

In the first video [available at link below], “A New Way to Lower Healthcare Costs,” Dr. Keith Smith explains that the current crisis with sky-high costs and low quality in American healthcare is not the result of a failure of the free market (a common charge and popular misunderstanding), but just the opposite, a failure resulting from the absence of a free market in medicine. Big Government and Big Business have combined to create a cartel, a syndicate, in healthcare to limit patient options and keep prices high, and always climbing higher. One of the “revolutionary” innovations of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma (SCO) has been to be totally transparent in pricing, to post the full cost of surgeries (for surgeon, anesthesiologist, facility costs) online, so that consumers can compare prices and make fully-informed decisions that are going to dramatically impact their personal (or family, company) budgets.

Click here to read the entire article and see video interviews.

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