Tom Harris: “Making it Safe” for Liberals to be Climate Realists (Video)

By:  William F. Jasper
Tom Harris: “Making it Safe” for Liberals to be Climate Realists (Video)

The International Climate Science Coalition is enlarging the climate skeptic tent, welcoming genuine scientists regardless of their partisan or ideological leanings.

Tom Harris (shown in photo), is a happy warrior, an ebullient David taking on the Goliath global warming industry. Ever upbeat and always well informed, he is an effective (and likeable) debater and an articulate spokesman for the growing camp of scientist skeptics (or realists, as some prefer) who are challenging the increasingly discredited dogma of climate alarmism.

As executive director of the International Climate Science Coalition ( based in Ottawa, Canada, Mr. Harris is the organization’s public face and frequent media presenter. One of his most recent media forays is an opinion piece on the EPA’s new power plant regulations that appeared in the New York Post on August 10 entitled, “How the EPA ignores the public and science.”

The International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) has established itself as one of the important "go to" sources on climate issues and boasts an impressive advisory board of noteworthy scientists, including:

Click here to read the entire article and view the interview with Tom Harris in Las Vegas at the Heartland Institute’s Ninth International Conference on Climate Change.

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