Traditional Marriage on the Line in Several States

By:  Dave Bohon
Traditional Marriage on the Line in Several States

Champions of traditional values are making a strong push in several states against the efforts of gay activists to legalize same-sex "marriage."

The definition of marriage is a hotly contested issue in several states this election season, with proponents of traditional values making a strong push against the efforts of gay activists and their supporters to normalize homosexual behavior and legalize same-sex “marriage.”

In Washington state a poll by Elway Research found that the margin of victory for Referendum 74, the gay "marriage" initiative aggressively pushed by Governor Christine Gregoire, had shrunk dramatically from 51 to 37 percent in mid-September, to a mere 49 to 45 percent a month later.

In February, reported The New American, Washington's state legislature passed a measure legalizing same-sex "marriage," and Gregoire quickly signed it into law. But champions of traditional marriage, led by a group called Preserve Marriage Washington, blocked the law from going into effect by collecting over 200,000 signatures from state residents who opposed the measure, forcing the issue to be placed on the ballot as a voter initiative.

While early surveys seemed to indicate that homosexual activists had rallied enough supporters to approve the legalization of same-sex marriage, pro-family forces in the state worked diligently throughout summer and early fall to raise awareness of the negative implications of such a law.

One result, warned Preserve Marriage Washington's chairman, Joseph Blackholm, would be the teaching of homosexual behavior as normal in public schools. “When marriage is redefined to be a genderless institution, it impacts what children are taught,” said Blackholm. “In places where same-sex marriage has been imposed, kids as young as six and seven are taught about gay marriage in class. If R-74 is approved, local Washington schools could teach young children that gay marriage is just the same as traditional marriage, no matter what they have been taught at home, in church, or in their ethnic traditions.”

Such warning seemed to be working in the fight for traditional marriage, noted an analysis from Elway Research. “Opposition to Referendum 74 has grown over the past month, while support has stayed at virtually the same level since July,” noted the analysis.

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