U.K. Lawmakers Seek Extreme Crackdown on Climate Realists

By:  Alex Newman
U.K. Lawmakers Seek Extreme Crackdown on Climate Realists

U.K. climate alarmists are ramping up a major crackdown on skeptics of "man-made global warming."

Faced with the implosion of discredited United Nations theories on “Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming,” climate alarmists in the United Kingdom, including some in Parliament, are now pushing for a major crackdown on skeptics — or “realists,” depending on one’s point of view — in government, media, and more. As more and more scientists defect from the crumbling alarmist bandwagon, however, critics say the hysterical shrieking and dangerous rhetoric from politicians only serve to further illustrate the accelerating collapse of what many climate experts refer to as the “global-warming hoax.”

Members of the British Parliament, especially, are exhibiting increasing evidence of derangement over the slow death of climate alarmism. Indeed, some of the most radical alarmist lawmakers are now calling for cabinet members who question the UN’s dubious theories to just “shut up.” Instead of publicly expressing their views, a group of parliamentarians said skeptics should parrot the imploding official narrative: The notion that global warming, which even leading alarmists admit has been on “pause” for 17 years in defiance of every UN climate model, is caused by human activities and requires planetary carbon taxes and more government control. As the hysteria intensifies, though, even scientists who worked on the UN’s own reports are defecting in massive numbers.

To the ruling establishment in Britain, the trends must be counteracted with much more propaganda. In a bizarre report produced by Parliament’s “Science and Technology Committee,” for example, the British lawmakers also lashed out at the government-funded BBC for occasionally allowing climate realists to express their heretical views. In the document, the parliamentarians called for the development of a coordinated propaganda campaign to bombard the public with alarmist pseudo-science in support of its policy objectives: carbon taxes, more government control, a UN “climate” regime, and more. “As a matter of urgency, the Government needs to draw up a climate change communication strategy and implement this consistently across all Departments,” the report said.

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