UN Climate Summit Reaches Deal for Radical Treaty by 2015

By:  Alex Newman
UN Climate Summit Reaches Deal for Radical Treaty by 2015

After two weeks of negotiations in Warsaw, the UN "Climate" summit reached a deal for a radical planetary treaty by 2015, to fight alleged global warming.

Following two weeks of theatrical United Nations “climate-change” negotiations in Warsaw, Poland, almost 200 governments and dictators purporting to speak for humanity eventually inked a deal at the last moment. Vowing to adopt a planetary treaty set to be finalized in 2015, the “climate dignitaries” pledged to give themselves and the UN more power and more money, all at humanity’s expense, to supposedly fight alleged global warming. They all dutifully celebrated their purported accomplishments, too.

Critics of the climate hysteria and the UN summit, though, were left confused — especially considering the spectacular implosion of the UN’s global-warming theories, which is still accelerating as some experts even predict an upcoming cooling period. Despite the fact that “global warming” actually stopped more than 16 years ago — in the process obliterating the credibility of every single one of the 73 debunked “climate” models used by the UN — the assembled government representatives claimed their deal was needed to save the world from alleged “man-made climate change.”

Top scientists, meanwhile, continued to ridicule the tax-funded climate alarmists throughout the spectacle. Still, negotiators in Warsaw worked in their bubble, seemingly detached from reality and the outside world where 50,000 protesters gathered in opposition the machinations, to wage more war on freedom and sovereignty — all of it under the guise of fighting against the essential-to-life gas carbon dioxide.

Despite being outlandishly referred to as “pollution” by the UN and its allies, CO2 is exhaled by humans and necessary for plant life. On top of that, human emissions of CO2 account for a mere fraction of one percent of all “greenhouse gases” in the atmosphere — though there is no question that the ringleaders of the climate-alarmism machine have an outsized “carbon footprint” when compared with everyday people. 

In the end, participants at the UN global-warming summit — power-hungry UN bureaucrats, bloated Western powers desperate for carbon taxes, and ruthless Third World dictators hoping for more “climate” loot — agreed to the basic “principles” that will guide their 2015 “climate” treaty. Among the key components of the UN scheme will be the transfer of huge sums of wealth from Western taxpayers to Third World despots under the guise of “loss and damage,” one of the myriad largely meaningless terms tossed out at the UN summit to justify the extortion.

Hoping to replace the 1997 Kyoto Protocol with an even more radical global-warming regime, climate negotiators also agreed that the national governments and dictators they represent — all under UN guidance, of course — would have to accelerate their assaults on economic freedom and prosperity to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. Western governments will have to crack down the hardest, negotiators agreed, but even poor countries impoverished largely by corrupt and autocratic rulers will have to perpetuate the poverty as well. If the UN gets its way, ...

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