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Recruiting - From the Single District States - December 2010

From the Single District States

by C. Mitchell Shaw, Regional Field Director

With Single District Coordinators now covering each of the states of Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota, our new focus is achieving some great initial success. We have added many new members and reactivated quite a few formerly inactive members. But more importantly, we are building organization and forming new chapters that are taking effective action and producing some exciting results.

These recently organized members have been successful in reaching out to like-minded groups and building understanding of both the problems we face and the solutions The John Birch Society offers. They have been able to get several state legislators to agree to sponsor and cosponsor bills in the next legislative session to nullify ObamaCare and have prepared many of these same legislators to be on guard against calls for a Constitutional Convention. In Wyoming, when a new call for a Con-Con came up for a vote recently, it was soundly defeated, due to the organized efforts of the members there.

The organization being built by our Single District Coordinators in these states will undoubtedly bring even greater results as we continue to grow and bring more and more patriots into the fight for liberty!

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