Recruiting - From the South - December 2010

From the South

by Dan Sexson, Regional Field Director
Coordinator Jim Sandman reports that about 100,000 visitors attended the annual Barnesville Buggy Days Festival, in Barnesville, Georgia, September 18-19. Members of Chapter QVAX participated with a parade float and JBS booth that experienced heavy traffic on both days. Many signed up for email alerts, took an ObamaCare 101 DVD, and/or received ObamaCare Slim Jims and other materials.

Coordinator Keith Dunn reports that the JBS booth at the Nullify Now! Conference held in Orlando was a success with many people purchasing the packet of information he put together. The highlight was a business owner who visited the booth, purchased one of about everything, joined the Society two weeks later, and two days after that, joined Keith at one of Newt Gingrich’s “American Solutions” events. They passed out business cards showing how to link to watch “The Real Newt Gingrich” DVD and read related articles online.

Jim Sandman offered a similar packet at the Nullify Now! Conference in Chattanooga with good success.

Myron Rhoades set up a “Choose Freedom — STOP ObamaCare” booth at a Tea Party event in Branson, Missouri, where he collected numerous fair surveys. He and other members will be following up with a showing of “ObamaCare 101” in November.

Members in the Kansas City and St. Louis areas set up “Choose Freedom — STOP ObamaCare” booths at two Sheriff Mack speaking events. They garnered contact information from many interested prospects.

I’m sure I speak for all of these activist members in urging everyone to join in the excitement, and plan a booth!


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