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Recruiting - January 2011


by James F. Fitzgerald, Director of Field Activities

In the 1960s, a very successful recruiting program helped build The John Birch Society in areas where there were very few, if any, members. That program, adapted to our “Stop ObamaCare” campaign, should work as well, if not better, in today’s climate. Considering the strong opposition to ObamaCare voiced by Americans these past several months, a program to bring more information about this unconstitutional legislation to their attention should strongly motivate many to get involved.

This effort can be led by Coordinators or volunteer chapter and section leaders:

1. Select a community that has little or no Society membership within a reasonable distance from an active chapter.
2. Put together a packet of material on ObamaCare including the DVD ObamaCare 101, the special reprint from The New American “The New World of OBAMACARE,” and a survey with questions on healthcare.
3. Start on a Saturday morning. Members should be assigned to different streets. You need to knock on doors, offer the material free, then ask each homeowner to review the material and to fill out the enclosed survey. Tell them you will return the following week to pick up the survey. Members should meet over coffee at a pre-determined time to discuss how the event went and to select a date and time for the follow-up a week later.
4. Keep a record of the areas and homes where the distribution has taken place and when you return the following week engage the homeowner in a discussion of the material and the survey. If they express a strong interest, ask if they would host a meeting at their home. If they agree to do so, encourage other home owners in the area to attend. Several meetings of this kind can be achieved in the same community with the goal of starting new chapters. Report your activity on this project to your Coordinator.
5. This program can be replicated in most communities and if organized properly can have a number of positive results. It activates members, uncovers new prospects, leads to new activity, and ultimately to new chapters.
6. Feel free to innovate, the survey can be changed to suit the type of material being distributed. Just be sure to keep the questions reasonably simple and do not argue or engage in debate with those who disagree.

The survey on ObamaCare can be found online and downloaded at by clicking on “Freedom Campaign Downloads” and looking for “ObamaCare Survey.”

“State Legislator Packet” Project

Here’s another project we’d like you to work on in January. We’ve assembled a packet of educational materials especially oriented toward state legislators that will increase their understanding of our form of government and their role as state legislators. Please do not replace your work with your state legislators to nullify ObamaCare and stop any new Con-Con calls with this project. This new packet is designed to complement your efforts to support and oppose specific legislation.

Please personally deliver these packets to as many as possible of the representatives and senators in your state’s legislature. For maximum impact, these packets should be hand delivered to each legislator and not mailed or stuffed into legislative mailboxes. For further information about this project see page 7.


Chapter and Section Leaders should begin to organize their members for this recruiting project. Select a community, and pick a date and start and end times. Assemble your packets:

  • Order enough ObamaCare 101 DVD’s for a sufficient distribution
  • Order the Special Reprint “The New World of OBAMACARE”
  • Download the health care survey at

Chapter and Section Leaders should organize the distribution of the “State Legislator Packet” to all members of your state legislature in January.

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