Key Ariz. Republicans: Sen. McCain Has Abandoned Core GOP Principles

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
Key Ariz. Republicans: Sen. McCain Has Abandoned Core GOP Principles

Several key members of the Arizona Republican Party are calling out John McCain for his abandonment of core GOP principles.

Although he’s usually busy playing poker on his smartphone or supplying arms and money to known agents of al-Qaeda to help them wage war in the Arab world, Republican Arizona Senator John McCain (shown on right in photo) might want to pay more attention to the battle brewing in his own backyard.

Most the combatants back home in the Grand Canyon State come from within his own party — Republicans who believe the self-described “maverick” has violated several GOP articles of faith.

Over the weekend, the blog maintained by the Maricopa County (Arizona) Republican Party read like a digital 95 Theses, enumerating the ways the establishment’s favorite hawk has gone astray.

From his advocacy of the offer of amnesty to illegal aliens to his constant calls for the use of the U.S. military as the world’s police force, McCain’s record is all the ammunition his detractors need.

The “briefs” posted by the Maricopa GOP ooze with frustration with the senior senator’s haughty attitude. The lead memo on September 7, for example, calls McCain out for failing to adequately publicize his town hall meetings or to even notify local party leaders.

There Is Lots Of Chatter Regarding The Short Notice The Public Had On Sen John McCain’s sudden, overnight called Town Halls in Phoenix, Tucson and Prescott this past week. Even with the short notice, people who became aware and did attend were plenty vocal. Briefs has confirmed reports that ... McCain’s office didn’t bother to notify AZGOP Robert Graham, nor Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman AJ LaFaro. Now if that isn’t a slap in the face of two top Arizona GOP elected officials.  Surprise, surprise — few county, legislative district chairman and precinct committee weren’t aware in time to go either... You know those folks who are expected to whip up the troops to walk the streets and get out the vote to get him elected to his esteemed office. Such arrogance is wearing very thin with Grassroots party works.

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