Pro-life Legal Group to FBI: Stop Your “Gestapo Tactics” Against Abortion Protestors

By:  Michael Tennant
Pro-life Legal Group to FBI: Stop Your “Gestapo Tactics” Against Abortion Protestors

A pro-life legal foundation, defending an abortion protestor who received a threatening visit from the FBI, is putting the agency on notice that the foundation will fight its "witch hunt" of pro-lifers.

A pro-life legal foundation is demanding that the Federal Bureau of Investigation cease its “Gestapo tactics” against peaceful pro-life protestors and its “witch hunt of anyone who is openly critical of the Obama administration.” The California-based Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLDF), on behalf of pro-life activist Andy Moore, sent a letter to the FBI threatening to take “immediate legal action” should the bureau persist in its attempts to silence Moore and other pro-lifers.

On July 13 FBI agents appeared at Moore’s Dallas, Texas, home and proceeded to question him for more than an hour despite having no evidence that he had committed a crime. According to Moore’s mother-in-law, pro-life leader Jill Stanek, the agents asked “totally inappropriate questions clearly aimed at intimidating Andy,” including some about his wife, his religion, his reasons for protesting abortion, and other pro-life activists. They questioned him in depth about his relationship with Stanek and her influence on his activism. And they suggested that he’d better watch his step because, as an immigrant who has not yet attained U.S. citizenship, one felony on his record could get him deported. “You wouldn’t want to be apart from your wife and newborn,” Stanek reported they said.

“Your agents’ efforts to intimidate Mr. Moore and chill the exercise of his constitutionally protected free speech rights are deplorable,” wrote the LLDF.

Furthermore, when has it become the business of the government to invade the homes of private citizens and ask him or her questions about their employment, how they met their spouse, who their friends are, where they attend church, why they hold a specific political position, and why they engage in particular activities in the community? In case your agency needs a refresher course in the law they swore under oath to uphold and defend, the United States Constitution protects a person’s freedom of association, freedom of speech, and free exercise of religion.

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Photo: AP Images

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