Rand Paul Immigration Amendment Aims to Prevent Voter Fraud

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
Rand Paul Immigration Amendment Aims to Prevent Voter Fraud

Preventing voter fraud is the aim of an amendment to the immigration bill offered Monday by Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.).

On Monday, June 17, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky., shown in photo) once again stepped into the breach and tried to compensate for the failure of his colleagues to affect common sense, constitutional immigration reform.

Paul’s latest effort came in the form of the “Secure the Vote” amendment to the immigration bill currently pending before the Senate.

The amendment offered by Paul protects the sanctity of the ballot box by ensuring that those present in the United States on work visas or who receive immigration status under provisions of the larger legislation are prevented from voting until they become U.S. citizens.

As part of the process, new procedures will be established to assist states in assuring that those on work visas or who have gained status under the Gang of Eight’s woeful immigration package have not registered to vote illegally.

"Not only would this amendment prevent voter fraud, it would also clear up the problem created by today's Supreme Court decision. My amendment requires states to check citizenship before registering people to vote in federal elections," Senator Paul said.

The Supreme Court decision referred to by Paul struck down by a 7-2 vote an Arizona law requiring proof of citizenship for voters. The justices claim that states cannot constitutionally require voters to demonstrate proof of American citizenship.

The majority held that such requirements violate the 1993 federal law validating voter registration by a form wherein the person swears he or she is a citizen and thus legally qualified to vote.

A document released by Senator Paul’s office outlines how his proposal will prevent voter fraud:

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Photo of Sen. Rand Paul: AP Images

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