Remaining Support for EU Crumbles, Poll Shows

By:  Alex Newman
Remaining Support for EU Crumbles, Poll Shows

Support for the increasingly powerful European Union is crumbling, according to an influential survey released this week.

Remaining support for the increasingly powerful but highly controversial European Union is crumbling amid the ongoing economic crisis, an influential survey released this week revealed. Of course, the EU was never very popular, as even establishment media outlets now admit, but trust in the sovereignty-stealing scheme is now imploding at a record pace. According to the Pew Global poll, ever-greater problems with the single euro currency and the economy appear to be among the primary factors driving the growing Europe-wide hostility against the Brussels-based regime.

Favorable views of the super state plunged in seven out of eight countries surveyed, with the median dropping by 15 percent over the past year. Meanwhile, the number of Europeans with a positive attitude reached record lows in most nations. France saw the most dramatic implosion of support, dropping by nearly 20 percent — 60 percent of the population held a favorable opinion of the EU last year, compared to around 40 percent in 2013.

Despite massive and costly tax-funded propaganda campaigns to drum up support for the increasingly unpopular EU, Europeans also lost confidence in the controversial regime’s economic “integration” policies. Respondents from all eight countries surveyed for the project — Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland, and the Czech Republic — were less likely to believe that the EU strengthened their economy.  

“The European Union is the new sick man of Europe,” noted the authors of the Pew Research survey, released on May 13 and promptly sending shock waves across the region. “The effort over the past half century to create a more united Europe is now the principal casualty of the euro crisis. The European project now stands in disrepute across much of Europe.”

In five of the eight countries surveyed, a “clear majority” also believe that the best way to solve the economic crisis is to cut government spending rather than spend more money. The EU, by contrast, sparked outrage across the region last year after it proposed massive increases in its already-bloated seven-year budget plan. Even national governments spoke out against the wild scheme.

Perhaps the most devastating results for anti-sovereignty extremists in Brussels came from France. According to the poll, 77 percent believe the EU’s “economic integration” agenda has made matters worse for the French, up 14 points from last year. Almost 60 percent have a negative view of the EU as an institution, too, a surge of 18 percent over 2012.

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