Surrendering Our Border and Our Laws

By:  Eric Minor
Surrendering Our Border and Our Laws

Even as the U.S. border is overrun with Third World children and their mothers thanks to Obama's executive order stopping the deporting of illegal immigrants, Obama plans to ease immigration restrictions more.

"Bill, you call your position supporting President Obama's amnesty of child illegals 'noble.' It is naive at best. You and the President may as well have shouted with a bullhorn that parents throughout the third world should immediately sneak into the US with children in tow. Who wouldn't want a better life for their children? It's been a crisis for decades and you've added fuel to the fire."

That was the "pithy" e-mail I sent to Bill O'Reilly on June 19, 2012 after viewing his nightly program on Fox News in which he soft-peddled or even outright endorsed President Obama's amnesty of illegal alien "dreamers." That was the first time my frustration had ever boiled over enough while watching The Factor that it actually prompted me to send an e-mail.

I sent another one to The Factor a few moments later as I simply had to vent about something from his guest as well: "Did I hear Juan Williams correctly? As long as the President first makes a game effort to get a law passed in Congress, such as comprehensive immigration reform, he is then entitled to unilaterally enact that law without the consent of Congress? Absurd."

Now, two years later, the crisis I predicted has come to pass. Each week, hundreds or even thousands of alien children are streaming across the southern border into America. In a pathetic example of life imitating art, they surrender to the first Border Patrol agent they can find, much like the affable North Korean soldier that enthusiastically surrenders to Hawkeye, BJ, and anyone else in a U.S. uniform in "The Yalu Brick Road" episode of M*A*S*H.

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