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Beware of Con-Cons, North Brunswick, NJ
Thursday, February 21, 2013, 07:00pm - 08:45pm

Change the Constitution – or DESTROY It?

Beware of calls for a Constitutional Convention.

There are only two ways to modify the U.S. Constitution – by amendment or constitutional convention. The amendment method has been used 27 times. But a constitutional convention, or a “con-con,” has NEVER been used, and with good reason.

Once set in motion, a con-con cannot be stopped or controlled. There is no mechanism to ensure a representative selection of delegates at a con-con, which can lead to a runaway convention and put the Constitution into the hands of those who want to radically change it – or destroy it altogether.

There are once again renewed calls for a con-con accompanied by the usual sleight-of-hand to try to throw Americans off the scent. Learn about the dangers and the deceptive calls and about the role your state’s legislators can play to prevent a con-con in this brief but enlightening video presentation. It features former state senator Randy Brogdon and state representatives Charles Key and Dr. Michael Ritze.

Location North Brunswick Public Library, 880 Hermans Road, North Brunswick, NJ
Admission is free. Sponsored by the local chapters of The John Birch Society. For more information, call Kip Webster at 973-934-1775.


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