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The UN Deception Video Presentation--North Brunswick, NJ
Thursday, March 21, 2013, 07:00pm

Is the United Nations the benevolent advocate of world peace it purports to be? Or is it a template for world government?

The 2001 UN Deception video demonstrates that, from its inception in 1945, the UN's creators intended their organization to become a world government.

Learn how top United Nations proponents exploit small arms, the environment, and justice to pressure Capitol Hill into quietly surrendering America's heritage of freedom. Should these UN plans remain unopposed, the consequences are ultimately grim. There is, however, a way to avert this danger. Join us!

Location North Brunswick Public Library, 880 Hermans Road, North Brunswick, NJ
Contact Kip Webster, 973-934-1775 or Dan O’Neill, 609-477-3724
Admission is free. Sponsored by the local Chapters of The John Birch Society.


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