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A Closer Look at ObamaCare, Boise, ID
Wednesday, October 16, 2013, 07:00pm

ObamaCare was sold to Americans based on strong emotions and loose facts. Its effects are just starting to hit consumers with higher prices and business owners are responding with lay-offs and hiring freezes. Individual repercussions are predicted to be much worse when the law is fully implemented.

Congress and the Supreme Court have failed to stop this train wreck, and only one solid solution remains. Oklahoma State Representative Dr. J. Michael Ritze will explain this solution as well as what other effects we can expect from ObamaCare.

Plan to attend this crucial presentation of the Choose Freedom – Stop ObamaCare tour today!

Location Boise Hotel and Convention Center, 3000 Vista Ave. and I-84, Boise, ID
Contact Dale Pearce, 208-466-4664
Tickets are $10.00.


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