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Rand Paul Demands Fed Audit

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Assault on Our...

TPP: More Dangerous Than ObamaCare

The Dangers of the Trans-Pacific Partnership...

State Legislators: Beware of Article V

Progressives Make Case for an Art. V Convention

Common Core: Dangers And Threats To American...

Debunking the Myth that Common Core is State Led

The Whole Story On Common Core - Glenn Beck

Common Core Data Mining & Testing

Ted Cruz Interview on Government Shutdown

Cruz Explains His Defund ObamaCare Strategy

Wrap-up Regarding Levin's Dangerous Con-Con...

Tom DeWeese Discusses Agenda 21 on Fox News

Kirsten Lombard - Property Rights

More About Levin's Dangerous Con-Con Proposal

Mark Levin's Dangerous Con-Con Proposal

Sen. Lee Explains Defunding ObamaCare Strategy

Beware of Conservation Easements

Why Is Common Core Bad for Schooling?

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