Texas Town Remains United in Time of Tragedy

By:  James Heiser
Texas Town Remains United in Time of Tragedy

The people of the town of West, Texas, are working together to rebuild and comfort each other in the aftermath of disaster.

It has become a fact of life in America that almost every tragedy gathers a gaggle of political pontificators who loudly speculate that Islamic terrorism is the cause of our every woe. Thus it was that when a small Texas town was devastated by a horrific explosion at a fertilizer plant, the death and destruction was immediately seen as fodder for the conspiracy canard.

The whole world has now heard of the explosion that transpired on the evening of Wednesday, April 17, in the town of West, Texas. West is a town of approximately 2,800 souls, and it has been known for many years as a community that is proud of its Czech-American heritage. In fact, until the explosion at the West Fertilizer Co., the town was known to outsiders almost exclusively for its deservedly famous kolaches and annual “WestFest.”

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, the pundits were disinclined to ignore Rahm Emanuel’s famous advice to “never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

Before the ashes could cool in the ruins of a nursing home and apartment complex in West, Sean Hannity was interviewing Texas’ Lieutenant Governor, David Dewhurst, on the day after the explosion, asking leading questions, and apparently attempting to link the tragedy either to events in Boston or to the anniversary of the Branch Davidian massacre, which occurred in nearby Waco on April 19, 1993. Throughout the interview, Dewhurst seemed to have a hard time getting Hannity to even realize that Waco and West are two different cities in Texas.

Meanwhile, bloggers pursued the same seemingly disjointed speculations that a “seemingly multi-front assault on America’s cities large and small has occurred. As much as officials attempt to tell the public that this recent wave of terroristic acts are unrelated or uncoordinated, the evidence seems to speak to us of a much different conclusion.... 

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Photo of mourners attending a prayer service in West, Texas, April 18: AP Images

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