3-D Printing Technology Soon to Allow Printing Guns at Home

By:  Bob Adelmann
3-D Printing Technology Soon to Allow Printing Guns at Home

3-D printing technology is developing so fast that individuals will soon be able to download free software from the internet and print their own weapons at home.

Cody Wilson, a 24-year-old law student at the University of Texas, believes in the free flow of information and created a company to promote it. He went online to raise some capital for his idea, using a crowd funding website, IndieGoGo, which has funded more than 100,000 campaigns in areas such as music, charity, films and small business startups.

But when IndieGoGo got word of the kind of information Wilson wanted to offer for free, they closed his site and refunded the contributors’ money.

His information? Blueprints for making guns at home using 3-D printers.

Wilson refused to be deterred and created an Internet “collective” called Defense Distributed, where Wilson, in a seven-minute video, explains what he’s up to:

We want to show this principle: that a handgun is printable. You don’t need to be able to put 200 rounds through it, it only has to fire once.

But even if the design is a little unworkable, it doesn't matter, as long as it has that guarantee of lethality.

So far his video has raised more than $20,000 from contributors who like his idea. Says Wilson:

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Photo: 3-D gun: Thinkstock

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