Amid UN Climate Deception, Experts Decry Corruption of Science

By:  Alex Newman
Amid UN Climate Deception, Experts Decry Corruption of Science

With the next United Nations climate report set to be released in a matter of days, the alleged “science” behind global-warming hysteria continues to crumble in spectacular fashion. 

The UN claims to be more certain than ever that human activities are responsible for “climate change,” but its computer models have been so discredited that virtually nobody takes them seriously anymore — even scientists who have worked with the organization. According to experts, though, these are merely symptoms of a broader issue that must be urgently addressed: the ongoing corruption of science by a coalition of governments, institutions, crony capitalists, paid-for scientists, and pseudo-environmentalist forces.

Around the world, at least in some places, the public is slowly starting to wake up to the scheming. In Australia, for example, voters just delivered a landslide victory to a conservative coalition that promised to rein in the government “climate” schemes and kill the carbon tax. Meanwhile, independent experts and scientists continue to challenge UN theories, which have become increasingly outlandish and discredited as official data show that global warming essentially stopped more than 15 years ago — despite increasing CO2 levels. Undeterred by the collapse in its credibility, though, the UN is now claiming to be more certain than ever that “human activities” are to blame for “climate change.”  

UN Hysteria

A leaked version of the upcoming UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report suggests that the global body’s “climate scientists” are struggling hard to publicly explain the lack of warming they predicted with such confidence. Among the possible explanations offered by the UN’s politically selected experts: “ash from volcanoes,” a “decline in heat from the sun,” or more heat being “absorbed by the deep oceans,” according to news reports.

Apparently, the draft UN report does allow for the possibility that the climate is not as “sensitive” to CO2 as the alarmists and their now-debunked models predicted. Scientists and experts who have worked on the UN body, however, have told The New American over a period of years that the IPCC is only interested in pushing climate hysteria, regardless of what the facts show. That appears increasingly obvious.

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