Hannah Brems

Hannah Brems

FreedomProject Education Expands Curriculum to Help Struggling Students
FreedomProject Education will expand the curriculum to include sixth to eighth grades

APPLETON, WIS. – October 26, 2011 – The latest reading assessment scores of students indicate the majority are below proficient across the country, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress.  Seeing a need to reach out to struggling students, FreedomProject Education will be adding a sixth through eighth grade curriculum to give students the tools they need to succeed.




The SPLC: A Danger To American Liberties
New speaking tour reveals the true intentions of the SPLC and expresses the importance of supporting your local police and keeping them independent

APPLETON, WIS. — October 24, 2011 — "The SPLC: A Danger to American Liberties" is the newest John Birch Society speaking tour that exposes the intolerant nature of the Southern Poverty Law Center and its smears on decent, patriotic Americans.

JBS Says: Support Your Local Police and Keep Them Independent
Don’t let your law enforcement come under federal control

 APPLETON, WIS. – October 19, 2011 – The John Birch Society (JBS) believes that the freedom Americans enjoy is impossible without a system of local police and has promoted this concept for more than 50 years.


FreedomProject Education incorporates new technology for students and professors

FreedomProject Education will launch Blackboard Collaborate during winter session.




The SPLC: What YOU Need To Know About This Self Appointed Watchdog of “Hate”
The Southern Poverty Law Center is a self-appointed watchdog that monitors “hate groups,” but its definition of hate is used to smear patriotic organizations

APPLETON, WIS.  – September 27, 2011 – As a self-appointed watchdog of hate, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) works hand-in-hand with local and federal law-enforcement.  Yet the organization’s characterization of hate is landing them in hot water.

NPV: Do you know the destruction it may cause?
The National Popular Vote is breaking down Constitutional Barriers

APPLETON, WIS.  – September 12, 2011 – Eight states have recently passed legislation to effectively eliminate the Electoral College in favor of the National Popular Vote (NPV) for President.
Wolverton states, “Our constitution erects barriers around the states protecting them from usurpations on the part of federal authority and from the tyranny posed to them by coalitions of other states that would rob them of their sovereignty and effectual representation in the federal government.”

Is FREE TRADE truly free?
Free trade is a misleading term, another aspect that is deteriorating the U.S.

APPLETON, WIS. — September 13, 2011 — “Free Trade in Theory and Practice,” recently written by contributor Brian Farmer, discloses the truth about free trade and why most Americans believe that this practice is 100 percent free.  The article will appear in the September 19th issue of The New American.

LPAC Nevada 10 Room Schedule of Presentations and Video Showings
JBS is a sponsor for the 2011 Liberty Political Action Conference in Reno, Nevada



Captain John Morrison Birch: Do you know his story?
August 25 marks the brutal death of Captain John Morrison Birch

APPLETON, WIS. — August 22, 2011 — As August 25, 2011, approaches, The John Birch Society, named after Captain John Morrison Birch, will remember the man who they honor.


Capt. Birch was slain by Chinese communists on August 25, 1945, ten days after the official end of World War II.  Although Birch suffered a horrible death, he lived an incredible life, which is why The John Birch Society is named after him today.


JBS: Official sponsor for LPAC 2011
Campaign for Liberty invites JBS to participate in conference

APPLETON, WIS. – August 15, 2011 – The John Birch Society (JBS) will be participating in Liberty Political Action Conference (LPAC) 2011 September 15-17th in Reno, Nevada.

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