Christmas Under Assault, but Faithful Fight Back

By:  Dave Bohon
Christmas Under Assault, but Faithful Fight Back

Even as atheist groups and school districts wage war against Christmas, those who cherish religious freedoms are fighting back.

It has been a tough road the last few years for those who wish to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, and thus far this holiday season hasn't held much hope for an end to the various and sundry attacks on those celebrating the birth of the Savior.

Several weeks ago, a choir director for a high school in Wausau, Wisconsin, threw in the towel on his students' traditional Christmas concerts after an edict from the school board instituted a nearly total ban on sacred music “as a result of what they claimed were concerns over the amount of religious music being performed by choirs in the district's schools,” reported The New American. As a result of the crackdown, the school district's choir directors were limited to “one sacred number for every five secular songs featured at Christmas and other concerts.”

While district officials eventually overturned their poorly considered policy, it was merely the opening salvo for a season on atheist-inspired attacks on Christmas. For example, Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina recently removed its traditional nativity scene after a supposed complaint by a number of airmen. Predictably, the alleged complaint was inspired by the atheist Military Religious Freedom Foundation, whose founder Mikey Weinstein has been waging war on sound military judgment concerning religious expression over the past few years.

Todd Starnes of Fox News wrote that Lieutenant Keavy Rake, a spokesman for Shaw Air Force Base, told him that “the Pentagon warned that items that are almost exclusively religious in nature, like a Nativity scene, 'could appear to endorse religion' if they are displayed alone and away from chapel grounds.' Rake said the Pentagon recommended the Baby Jesus either be displayed on chapel grounds or as 'part of a larger secular or multicultural display on base.' Ultimately, base command made the decision to pull the plug.”

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council responded to the cowardly move by the Air Force, saying that it is “truly a sad state of affairs when a demilitarized zone has to be created on an Air Force base for Baby Jesus. The events in the Air Force alone show that this is much more than a war on Christmas. This is a war on the freedom of religious expression.”

Not all Air Force personnel have been cowed by atheist attacks, however. Starnes posted a YouTube video showing the U.S. Air Force Band performing a “flash mob” at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum on December 3. “What a blessing to know that in spite of the Obama Administration’s attacks on religious liberty in the Armed Forces, there are still men and women willing to declare, 'Joy to the World, the Lord is Come!'” wrote Starnes.

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