Dr. Ron Paul's Prescription for the Ills in Gaza and Israel

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
Dr. Ron Paul's Prescription for the Ills in Gaza and Israel

In a statement released Monday, Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) offered a solution to the violence in Gaza and Israel.

In a statement released Monday, Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas), in his inimitable manner, pointed to the hypocrisy in U.S. foreign policy that helps perpetuate the wars between Gaza and Israel:

As of late Friday the ceasefire in Gaza seems to be holding, if tentatively. While we should be pleased that this round of fighting appears temporarily on hold, we must realize that without changes in US foreign policy it is only a matter of time before the killing begins again.

It feels like 2009 all over again, which is the last time this kind of violence broke out in Gaza. At that time over 1,400 Palestinians were killed, of which just 235 were combatants. The Israelis lost 13 of which 10 were combatants. At that time I said of then-President Bush’s role in the conflict:

“It's our money and our weapons. But I think we encouraged it. Certainly, the president has said nothing to diminish it. As a matter of fact, he justifies it on moral grounds, saying, oh, they have a right to do this, without ever mentioning the tragedy of Gaza…. To me, I look at it like a concentration camp.”

The United States claims, of course, to be pro-Israel (which is of itself a very patronizing and paternalistic policy), but millions in foreign aid is sent annually to most of the nations that surround it.

For example, Egypt receives nearly $1.5 billion in aid annually from the United States. Jordan receives over $800 million in financial aid from the American treasury.

As Glen Greenwald wrote last week in the Guardian (U.K.):

For years now, US financial, military and diplomatic support of Israel has been the central enabling force driving this endless conflict. The bombs Israel drops on Gazans, and the planes they use to drop them, and the weapons they use to occupy the West Bank and protect settlements are paid for, in substantial part, by the US taxpayer….

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Photo of Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas): AP Images

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