Obama EPA Climate Decrees Will Further Damage U.S. Economy

By:  Alex Newman
Obama EPA Climate Decrees Will Further Damage U.S. Economy

Opponents immediately slammed Friday's new EPA executive decrees on carbon dioxide, which are supposedly aimed at dealing with "climate change."

The Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency unveiled a series of far-reaching executive decrees on carbon dioxide Friday, supposedly aimed at dealing with “climate change” based on largely debunked United Nations theories about man-made “global warming.” Drawing a furious and immediate response from critics on both sides of the aisle, opponents slammed the proposed EPA regulations as everything from wildly unconstitutional overreach to another assault on the embattled U.S. economy and even a “war on coal.”

Opponents are already preparing for lawsuits to kill the schemes while calling on lawmakers in Congress to restrain the out-of-control EPA before it does further damage. Energy stakeholders have also been speaking out, as The New American reported Saturday, warning about the dire consequences of the plan for consumers and businesses alike — higher costs, reduced economic competitiveness, further energy dependence, massive job losses, and more. Australia, which learned the hard way, is currently dismantling its own carbon taxes and climate leviathan.  

Parroting the now-typical propaganda about essential-to-life CO2 gases being a “pollutant” — every time you exhale, you release the alleged “pollution” — the EPA claimed its newly unveiled carbon regime would improve public health and the “climate.” The agency also alleged that the decrees would “protect children,” though it was not immediately clear how. It is all part of Obama’s previously announced “Climate Action Plan,” which the president boasted would bypass Congress if needed under the guise of stopping global warming. 

Under the proposal, which is expected to draw serious legal challenges, new coal-fired power plants would be required to meet impossible and completely arbitrary caps on the amount of CO2 emissions. If and when the scheme goes into effect, energy generation at new plants using coal would have to release less than 1,100 pounds (1,000 for some) of carbon per megawatt hour — essentially impossible with current commercially viable technology. Natural gas is also in the crosshairs, and existing plants are widely expected to be targeted under future decrees. Experts say the results will be huge job losses, skyrocketing costs across the board, and an even more unstable economic future.

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 Photo of EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz: AP Images


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