ObamaCare's Death Panels for Nursing Homes

By:  Bob Confer
ObamaCare's Death Panels for Nursing Homes

ObamaCare will ultimately transform nursing homes from places where people go to be taken care of and live, to places where they go to be neglected and die.

In August of 2009 former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin took a lot of heat from the Left and mass media for her Facebook post attacking the rationing aspects of ObamaCare. In that well-known message, Mrs. Palin coined the term “death panels” to identify the bureaucrats who would oversee the dispersal of medical resources.

One really can’t blame Mrs. Palin for having used such wording. When talking about a law as gargantuan and far-reaching as ObamaCare, someone has to make things understandable and palatable for the layman by putting it into simple terms. But she lost that precious chance to educate the masses on the ills of the healthcare behemoth by oversimplifying its bureaucratic structure to the point that it looked as if all sick people would present themselves before a panel that would determine whether they were worthy of care.

Although her choice of words, and the imagery itself, were poor, the thinking behind her statements was accurate: that the government would employ decision- and policy-makers who would determine what level of healthcare is appropriate for specific classes of people, from the incurable to the handicapped to the elderly.

To that end, three different entities have been created by ObamaCare. Multiple Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) will limit payments to doctors, hospitals, and healthcare providers, forcing their hand in deciding what to offer. The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) will create templates for what constitutes worthwhile investments in health by private and public providers.

Save the IPAB, which had its launch delayed to 2016, those organizations, those panels, have their efforts well underway to limit care and replicate what Big Government has already proven that it can do so well in another aspect of the medical industry — abortion — in deciding who should live and who should die.

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