Petraeus-Broadwell Scandal Expands to Top NATO Commander General Allen

By:  Christian Gomez
Petraeus-Broadwell Scandal Expands to Top NATO Commander General Allen

The FBI investigation of the the threatening e-mails to Jill Kelley and the affair between former CIA Director David Petraeus and his biographer Paula Broadwell has expanded to include U.S. Army General John Allen, top commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan. 

The investigation into the intimate affair with Paula Broadwell that brought down former four-star general and former CIA Director David Petraeus has now expanded further into the military, with the possibility of court martial.

On Monday night, with her consent, FBI agents appeared at Broadwell’s house in Charlotte, North Carolina, to carry out their investigation. After five hours, the FBI seized a Dell PC, an iMac, a briefcase, a printer, several plastic storage boxes, and snapped a lot of photographs.

The FBI’s criminal investigation began in the summer of 2011 at the prompting of Jill Kelley, a family friend of David Petraeus who received a series of anonymous threatening e-mails, which she passed on to a friend who works at the FBI.

The FBI determined the e-mails to have been sent from a computer belonging to Paula Broadwell, which she willingly handed over to the FBI. On it, investigators not only found those e-mails, but also hundreds of other e-mails of an intimate nature between Broadwell and Petraeus.

Classified information was also found on her computer, although it has yet to be determined where or how she obtained that information. The FBI concluded it did not come from Petraeus.

Investigators do not expect any charges to be filled over Broadwell’s harassing e-mails to Kelley or that any charges will be filled against Petraeus, but no word has yet been said if the FBI has concluded its investigation of Broadwell. The overriding question for investigators is how Broadwell obtained the classified information found on her computer.

Although there is not yet any evidence implicating Petraeus as the source of the classified information found on Broadwell’s computer, Petraeus could potentially face a court-martial over his affair, although this is unlikely.

Retired Army Major Glenn MacDonald, editor-in-chief of, told Accuracy in Media,

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Photo of U.S. General John Allen: AP Images

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