Protesters Cause Bus Carrying Illegal Immigrants to Detour

By:  Warren Mass
Protesters Cause Bus Carrying Illegal Immigrants to Detour

A group of protesters staged a demonstration near a Border Patrol processing station in Murrieta, Riverside County, California, on July 1 that resulted in three buses carrying 140 illegal immigrants being carried to the station to turn back. 

The aliens, many of whom were women and children from Central America, had illegally crossed the border into Texas recently and had surrendered to Border Patrol agents there. Instead of detaining the aliens and deporting them back to their homelands, the Department of Homeland Security — following current standard procedure — flew them on a U.S. government charter flight to San Diego. 

The immigrants were en route to the Murrieta Border Patrol station, 65 miles north of San Diego, to be processed for “supervised release” pending appearances in immigration court. When some local residents learned about the aliens’ arrival, they staged the protest. The Los Angeles Times reported that about 100 to 150 people met the buses a few blocks away from the station, chanting, “Go home” and “We want to be safe.” Others shouted “USA!” “Impeach Obama!” and “Deport! Deport!” About 50 protesters held up signs along Murrieta’s Madison Avenue — where the station is located — while another 100 supporters of the aliens staged a counter protest across the street. As the two groups shouted at each other, police formed a cordon separating them in the middle of the street.

ABC Channel 10 News in San Diego reported that after turning away from the Murrieta station the buses were diverted to another Customs and Border Protection facility in San Ysidro, located on the border just north of Tijuana, Mexico.

Channel 10 News also noted that those voicing opposition to having the illegal immigrants come to Murrieta told reporters that they were not against immigrants coming to the United States, provided they followed our immigrations laws.

“Everybody that wants to come to this nation is entitled to, but they should come the right way,” said Bob Cuccio.

“You bring in all these children and they’re going to take over our schools. What’s going to happen to the kids that were born and raised here?” asked another resident, Bel Reeves.

Channel 10 News also interviewed a woman who was attending Murrieta’s Tuesday night city council meeting. The woman displayed obvious emotion as she addressed the council: “I feel like we’re being destroyed because of the administration and what [President Obama is] doing,” the woman said. “I feel for these children. I believe they’re being used and abused by our government and theirs.”

However, one of the aliens who spoke to the station could not understand why residents objected to their illegal entry and obviously felt a sense of entitlement to come to America. “They’re trying to kick us out for no reason,” said Sonia Nolasco. “They’re trying to say we’re trying to take over their city and their town and this and that and it’s not true.”

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Photo of Department of Homeland Security bus transporting illegal immigrants in California: AP Images

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