Rand Paul: "Anti-American Globalists" Threaten the Constitution

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
Rand Paul: "Anti-American Globalists" Threaten the Constitution

In an e-mail to gun owners, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) called for opposition to the United Nation's Arms Trade Treaty.

“I don’t know about you, but watching anti-American globalists plot against our Constitution makes me sick,” writes Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul (shown center in photo).

The particular gang of globalists turning the senator’s stomach is the United Nations.

“Ever since its founding 65 years ago, the United Nations has been hell-bent on bringing the United States to its knees.”

That’s the message in an e-mail sent by the senator earlier this week to gun owners in the National Association for Gun Rights massive database of supporters.

Echoing many of the warnings this reporter has been sounding for months (including in an exclusive print article published as the cover of the May 6 issue of The New American), Senator Paul pointed to the recently approved UN Arms Trade Treaty as a clear and present danger to the right of American civilians to keep and bear arms. “Gun-grabbers around the globe believe they have it made,” Paul writes. “You see, only hours after re-election, Barack Obama immediately made a move for gun control.”

Despite being described as a “total fantasy” in the Washington Post, Paul’s characterization of the Arms Trade Treaty and the current administration’s advocacy of it is correct.

Within hours of his securing his reelection, President Obama ordered the U.S. United Nations delegation to vote in favor of a UN proposal to fast track an international gun control treaty.

Immediately the word went out that the United States was going to play ball (after having scuttled the last round of talks on the Arms Trade Treaty last July), and a new round of negotiations on the treaty was scheduled for March 18-28 at the UN headquarters in New York City.

This reporter attended that conference and the senator’s description of the true aim of these “anti-gun globalists” is right on the money.

Specifically, Paul highlights the following mandates of the Arms Trade Treaty:

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