Students Sanctioned for Defending Themselves in College-owned Apartment

By:  Bob Adelmann
Students Sanctioned for Defending Themselves in College-owned Apartment

Two Gonzaga University students defended themselves, as is their natural and constitutional right. But the university said they violated its "gun free zone" rules.

At 10:15 p.m. on Thursday, October 24, Erik Fagan, a senior attending Gonzaga University (GU) in Spokane, Washington, heard a knock on his apartment door. Thinking it was a friend coming by to pick up some of his things, Fagan opened the door. Standing there instead was John Taylor, a six-time convicted felon, who told Fagan he had just been released from prison, showed him his ankle bracelet, and demanded cash.

At that moment, said Fagan:

[Taylor] starts coming more in the doorway, and I yell for my roommate Dan [McIntosh]. This was going somewhere that I didn't want it to go. I was starting to be afraid and fearful and when he starts threatening me and trying to come in the doorway, that’s when I called for my roommate Dan.

McIntosh, licensed to carry concealed, immediately assessed the situation and drew his pistol, causing Taylor to run off. McIntosh said, “I feel like I restrained myself from using the force in a correct manner. I used enough force to persuade Mr. John Taylor to leave.”

Fagan and McIntosh called the Spokane Police Department, as well as campus security. The police left after determining that McIntosh had acted within his rights, while campus security continued their investigation. At 2 a.m. campus security returned, opened the front door of the college-owned apartment using a master key, entered, searched, and confiscated McIntosh’s pistol, along with a shotgun they found during their search.

As explained by News:

The [students] called the Spokane Policy Department and Campus Security. Police told them they did the right thing, according to the roommates. Campus Security came back hours later. Security officers said they knocked but nobody answered. The roommates said that is when the security guard used a master key and came into their apartment.

Campus Security officers told the roommates they had violated GU policy and took the pistol. They also confiscated a shotgun the roommates had in their apartment.

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