Texas Legislators Consider Firearms Protection Act

By:  James Heiser
Texas Legislators Consider Firearms Protection Act

A bill under consideration in Texas' House of Representatives would criminalize any effort by local law enforcement to implement any new federal restrictions on the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

Even as elected representatives of the people of Colorado are busy trying to abridge the Second Amendment liberties in the “Centennial State,” Texas legislators are preparing to fend off similar schemes by the federal government.

As Bob Adelmann recently reported for The New American, the Democrat-controlled Colorado House of Representatives recently passed four bills that would significantly infringe on the free exercise of rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment, and the passage of such sweeping legislation in that state seems a harbinger of things to come. In Adelmann’s words:

Democrats now have commanding control of both houses and the governorship and nothing is standing in their way to enforce their view of the world onto unsuspecting and politically naïve Colorado citizens and gun owners....

The Republicans are in disarray, to put it nicely. John Andrews, the former Republican Senate majority leader, admitted as much back in 2008: “Colorado is being used as a test bed for a swarm offense by Democrats and liberals to put conservatives and Republicans on defense as much as possible.”

With no effective pushback, the Colorado Republican Party can only mount a noisy and emotional defense of sacred rights against this onslaught. Gun control bills like those just passed by the Colorado legislature and shortly to be signed into law by the Colorado governor, are just the beginning.

However, a very different spirit is at work in Austin, as legislators in the Lone Star State are considering a bill that, if enacted, would penalize any state official attempting to inflict proposed federal limitations on the right to keep and bear arms. On February 7, Rep. Steve Toth (R-15th District) introduced House Bill 1076 (entitled the “Firearms Protection Act”) for the purpose of blocking efforts by federal officials to come into the state and interfere with the civil rights of citizens of Texas. As Toth’s office explained in a press release:

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Photo of Texas State Capitol in Austin, Texas

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