The U.S. "Homeland"

By:  Charles Scaliger
The U.S. "Homeland"

While a full-blown North American Union (NAU) analogous to the up-and-running European Union may still be a distant dream for internationalists, in one sense, at least, union among the United States, Canada, and Mexico is already much closer to reality.

In the matter of continent-wide security, the governments of those three countries have already significantly combined and pooled their resources, using such pretexts as the war on drugs, international terrorism, and illegal immigration.

In 2011, for example, President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper signed a four-page agreement committing their two countries to setting up a common “perimeter” to enhance security. “We … recognize that cooperation across air, land, and maritime domains, as well as in space and cyberspace, our enduring bi-national defence [sic] relationship, and military support for civilian authorities engaged in disaster response efforts and critical infrastructure protection, have all contributed significantly to the security of our populations,” the document noted, in reference, presumably, to military cooperation against the Soviet threat during the Cold War, as well as to ongoing efforts to “harmonize” law enforcement and surveillance to prosecute the ill-defined and open-ended “war on terrorism.”

Now, amid the official panic created by the Snowden revelations and the self-justificatory rhetoric issuing from the NSA to avoid having its powers curtailed by Congress, California Senator Dianne Feinstein has unwittingly uncovered the NSA’s version of a North American Union. Specifically, a colored map (shown in photo) of the world — 

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