U.S. Pro-Family Leader Arrested at Canadian University

By:  Dave Bohon
U.S. Pro-Family Leader Arrested at Canadian University

A U.S. pro-family spokesman was arrested at a Canadian university over posters in opposition to abortion and homosexuality.

Authorities at a university in Regina, Saskatchewan, arrested U.S. pro-family spokesman Peter LaBarbera, founder of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, as he and a Canadian pro-family colleague were handing out literature about abortion and homosexuality April 14. Regina's CTV News reported that after the arrest LaBarbera opted to leave the country.

LaBarbera was on the campus of the University of Regina with Canadian pro-family leader Bill Whatcott, where the two stood with a poster graphically depicting the violence of abortion, along with another poster declaring that homosexual conduct is a sin. As shown in a YouTube video of the incident, university police approached the two men and ordered them to leave, to which Whatcott replied that he had previously won two Canadian court cases affirming his right to free speech. “I do believe I have a charter right to speak here,” he told the officers.

Telling the security officers that they would have to remove him from the campus, Whatcott said that “I have a moral responsibility to share the gospel with these students,” adding that “I believe this university would not be as rich as it could be if it did not allow me to stay here and speak.”

Click here to read the entire article and see video showing Peter LaBarbera being arrested.

Photo: screen grab from YouTube video showing Peter LaBarbera being arrested

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