UN Panel Claims Sacred Blessing for Homo-Lesbian-Transgender Agenda

By:  William F. Jasper
UN Panel Claims Sacred Blessing for Homo-Lesbian-Transgender Agenda

With the blessing of the Obama administration's Global Equality Fund (and millions of taxpayer dollars) the United Nations is promoting LBGT "rights" globally, including claiming that all major religions approve of same-sex sexual behavior.

The Qur’an (or Koran), the sacred text of Islam, does not prohibit homosexual activity, a “gay Imam” told a United Nations panel at the UN headquarters in New York on April 4. 

The Old Testament of the Holy Bible does not condemn sodomy, but teaches that everybody needs a relationship with God that is “unlimited and boundary-less,” a leader of Jewish Queer Youth told participants at the same UN event.

The UN panel also heard from a Hindu scholar, an Episcopal priest/homosexual activist, and a Unitarian Universalist minister, all of whom claimed that the sacred texts of their religions actually approved, rather than condemned, homosexual and lesbian relationships.

The UN panel’s proceedings were first reported on by Wendy Wright, who attended the program for the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM). The C-FAM report on the event states: 

After considering several religions, Sid Thompson changed his name to Daayiee Abdullah and converted to Islam at 30. He adopted the title Imam after developing the group Muslim Gay Men to dispute that the Qur’an rejects homosexuality. Now he performs religious ceremonies including same-sex weddings and wants to start a mosque for homosexuals.

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