Why Are the Democrats Losing Married White Voters?

By:  Patrick Krey
Why Are the Democrats Losing Married White Voters?

The Democratic Party is alienating middle-class married white voters and older white voters, but the Republican Party does not seem able to differentiate itself enough to take advantage of this before it's too late.

The mainstream media is going into overdrive trying to put their spin on this week’s election. It would appear they all are working from the same script.  Their advice is tantamount to putting a nail in the coffin of the Grand 'Ole Party. They suggest the GOP abandon all talks of immigration restrictions, embrace amnesty, and adopt the Left’s twin positions of racial collectivism and ethnic pandering to gain the elusive Hispanic vote. These highly paid pundits neglect to mention that this has been done by Republicans from George W. Bush to John McCain to Mitt Romney and has resulted in absolutely zero success. This heavily sought-after demographic doesn’t seem too enthused about a party that trumpets the free market and personal responsibility (in rhetoric at least).

The weird part about this idiotic debate between deceivers and the deluded is the much larger story told by the election returns. It is an undeniable fact that the Democratic Party is losing married white voters, who are still the largest portion of the electorate. As the talking heads spin and sputter about Hispanics who comprise only 10 percent of voters, they choose to ignore that the voting bloc who once defined this country is fleeing from the party of Obama and Pelosi.

Even USA Today has to begrudgingly admit this inconvenient truth:

The fact that Republican rival Mitt Romney carried solid majorities of older voters and whites, and that he was preferred by voters on the economic issues that dominated the election, didn't seem to be enough to carry this new day. Indeed, Romney won the biggest majority of the white vote of any presidential candidate in U.S. history who then failed to win the White House.… On Romney's side: Six of 10 whites and nearly six of 10 seniors. A solid majority of men and of married women, and nearly two-thirds of white men. More than 90% of Republicans and of conservatives. He won high-income voters, evangelical Christians, and those who attend religious services every week or more often.

Why the mass exodus?

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