Pending Legislation - December 2008

Please visit, login, then click on "Members," then on "Contact Congress" for more current pending legislation news. Or, you can go directly to the JBS Legislative Action Center at You can also visit to search for any bill in the 110th Congress — and starting in January — the 111th Congress.

The Lame-duck Session
The Senate is scheduled to return for a post-election session on November 17 and the lame-duck session is scheduled to begin November 19. Members of both houses will be in Washington to choose party leaders for the next session of Congress. Because events in Congress change constantly, it is important to read your Bulletin online to keep current about legislative news. (Go to then click on "Members," then "JBS Bulletin." You must establish a membership account and login to access this section.)

Among issues that a lame-duck session may take up are a second "stimulus" (it would certainly stimulate inflation!) package of up to $150 billion, as well as $25 billion in aid for automakers. Other bills to watch out for are those granting amnesty to illegal immigrants (look for key phrases such as "putting undocumented workers on the path to citizenship") and more so-called free trade agreements. Last, but not least, keep the pressure on your senators to oppose passage of Obama's Global Poverty Act and ratification of the LOST (Law of the Sea) Treaty. See for easy-to-send, editable, email messages about these last two items.

The lame-duck session is your last chance to contact outgoing members of the 110th Congress who will not be around next year. Maybe some will develop last-minute statesmanship.

The 111th Congress
With an increased Democratic majority in Congress, things may look grim, but consider that most Republicans, like most Democrats, have also failed to champion the Constitution or U.S. sovereignty when it comes to backing entangling "trade agreements," including NAFTA and CAFTA, and failing to block a North American Union.  The same has been true with violations of the Constitution in the name of conducting our "war on terror."  And the undeclared war in Iraq (also a violation of the Constitution) could not have been conducted this long without bipartisan support.

The John Birch Society's constitutionalist solution to making Congress the key has never been dependent on partisan politics, but instead, on creating a more informed electorate in each congressional district. With several hundred informed, motivated, constitutionalist activists in a congressional district, the chances of electing — and keeping in office — a constitutionalist representative, are greatly improved.

Action Summary - Priority: Ongoing to High

  • Contact your representative and senators in Congress about one or more issues, during the lame-duck session and when the 111th Congress is seated in January.
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