Pending Legislation - January 2009

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The 111th Congress
As we noted last month, with an increased Democrat majority in Congress, things may look grim, but consider that neither have most Republicans been champions of the Constitution or U.S. sovereignty. The Republicans have taken the lead in backing entangling “trade agreements,” including NAFTA and CAFTA and the push to create a North American Union.  The same has been true with violations of the Constitution in the name of conducting our “war on terror.” And the undeclared war in Iraq (also a violation of the Constitution) could not have been conducted this long without bipartisan support.

The John Birch Society’s constitutionalist strategy is to create a more informed electorate in each congressional district. With several hundred informed, motivated, constitutionalist activists in a congressional district, the chances of electing — and keeping in office — a constitutionalist representative, are greatly improved.

Key legislation likely to be introduced in the 111th Congress includes:

Support the Repeal of NAFTA to Help Block the NAU!
While Democrat legislators, feeling heat from their union supporters who have lost jobs because of NAFTA, are more likely to oppose the trade bloc than Republicans, recall that NAFTA was originally signed by Bill Clinton and that many of Clinton’s key advisers are being recycled into the Obama administration. So this will be an uphill battle requiring persistent communication with your representative and senators. Urge them to support resolutions similar to those introduced in the last Congress to withdraw from NAFTA, to oppose the construction of a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Superhighway System, and likewise oppose U.S. entry into a North American Union with Mexico and Canada.

• Secure our Borders — NO Amnesty!
The selection of Janet Napolitano as Secretary of Homeland Security brings into the administration someone who, as Arizona Governor, supported the continuation of Operation Jump Start, a National Guard mission to support the Border Patrol on the U.S. Southern border. However, amnesty (under other names) has enjoyed bipartisan support among members of the last Congress that will likely continue. As a senator, Barrack Obama was a cosponsor of S.1033, the McCain-Kennedy  “Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act” in 2005. That bill would have granted amnesty to illegal  immigrants who signed up for a worker visa program and paid a $1,500 fine. Urge your representative and senators to reject any legislation that offers amnesty to illegal immigrants.

• Support the Abolition of the Federal Reserve System — and Sound Money!
As Larry Greenley noted in his Freedom Campaign article last month, we are hopeful that Rep. Ron Paul will reintroduce four bills in the 111th Congress that will provide a legislative basis for us to continue creating grassroots pressure on Congress to restore sound money. These include the “Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act; the “Honest Money Act,” to repeal our nation’s legal tender laws; the “Free Competition in Currency Act,” to eliminate the legal prohibitions against operating private mints; and the “Tax-Free Gold Act,” which would eliminate any tax on the sale or exchange of precious metals. (Background: Urge your representative to cosponsor each of these measures, when introduced.

• Oppose the Global Poverty Act!
This bill introduced in 2007 would have required the United States to spend hundreds of billions of dollars of new United Nations-inspired foreign aid spending by 2015. Since its sponsor in the 110th Congress was Sen. Barrack Obama, it is obvious he will sign it if it reaches his desk. Urge your senators and representative to vote against this expensive giveaway program when it is reintroduced.

• Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST)
The UN's 1982 Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) would give regulatory jurisdiction over the world’s oceans and seas to a United Nations body, the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea. Its ratification is always a danger whenever the Senate is in session. Urge both of your senators to reject it.

• Oppose FOCA, the Freedom of Choice Act!

The 110th Congress version of the so-called Freedom of Choice Act sought to provide federal protection for Roe v Wade and other pro-abortion decisions, and would attempt to stem “Incremental restrictions on the right to choose [abortion] imposed by Congress and State legislatures.” On July 17, 2007, Barrack Obama told the Planned Parenthood Action Fund: “The first thing I’d do as President is sign the Freedom Of Choice Act.” Urge your representative and senators to oppose this and any future assaults on the right to life.

Action Summary

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