12 States Have Bills to Nullify ObamaCare Entirely


As of today, at least one dozen states have already introduced bills to nullify the entire ObamaCare law!

These twelve states with their corresponding bill numbers (with links to full-text) are: Texas (HB297), Montana (SB161), Wyoming (HB0035), Oregon (SB498), Indiana (SB505), Maine (LD58), Nebraska (LB515), Oklahoma (HB1276), Idaho (HB59), New Hampshire (HB26), South Dakota (HB1165), and North Dakota (SB2309).

These twelve bills would nullify the entire ObamaCare law because the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” and “Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010” were not authorized by the Constitution of the United States. I've skimmed the full-text of these bills and it appears that only one, Indiana's, does not have a provision for criminal penalties for federal and state agents who would try to enforce the ObamaCare law within the subject state. So, nearly all of these twelve bills have enforcement "teeth."

With congressional repeal of ObamaCare probably still a couple years away, state nullification is the best strategy for immediately bogging down ObamaCare implementation in as many states as possible and maintaining momentum for the necessary changes in the 2012 congressional and presidential elections.

While it appears that we are on the way to having nullification bills introduced in 20 or more states within the next year, it is necessary to get as many as possible of the already-introduced bills passed. If only one or two states would pass their nullification bills, then the federal government would likely steamroller them into submission. However, if 10 or 20 states would pass ObamaCare nullification bills, then we'd have a whole new situation. It's hard to predict the course of events in this situation, but it would be a healthy first step toward restoration of federalism, where these states would be asserting their Tenth Amendment powers as parties to the compact that created the federal government in the first place. For more information on these topics, see "Nullifying Federal Nullification: Time for States to Stand Tall," my recent article "States Should Enforce, Not Revise, the Constitution!" and Thomas Woods' 2010 book, Nullification.

Click here to send an email message in support of nullification of the entire ObamaCare law to your state representative, state senator, governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general. If your state is one of the twelve listed above with nullification bills already introduced, make use of this information in your email message.

Click here for more information about The John Birch Society's "Choose Freedom — STOP ObamaCare" project.

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