Larry Greenley

Larry Greenley

Congress can use Article III, Section 2 to strip the Supreme Court of its jurisdiction over marriage.

On April 16 Senate Finance and House Ways and Means committees introduced Trade Promotion Authority bill.

Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) introduced a bill to help hold the president accountable to the Constitution.

With a surge of pressure being put on state legislators this year to apply for an Article V convention, this article provides three reasons to oppose all such constitutional convention applications.

Three Reasons to Oppose All State Article V Convention Applications

Contact Congress now to prevent passage of Trade Promotion Authority in the lame-duck session.

The seventh round of U.S./EU (TTIP) negotiations begins September 29 in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Now that the House has passed its Audit the Fed bill, urge your senators to do likewise.

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